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Racing with Winter

The silence may have been been deafening.  Sorry to keep you in the dark about our progress.  The build hasn’t stopped; we’ve just been putting everything we have into it in a race with winter.  Our immediate goal is to get the roof on, the walls sealed, windows in, air tightness tested and the exterior […]

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Late Thanksgiving

No, I didn’t miss Thanksgiving (the event), I just missed an opportunity to tell you how thankful we are for the people who are helping with the build and to you; the people interested in what we are doing. To the people helping our build, thank you to: Jim, James, Karl, Nick, Thomas, JF, Doug, […]

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Basement Floors are In!

Last week, we poured the basement and root cellar floors.  Thanks to our team: James, Karl, Fred and Nick! As always, concrete days are fast paced: once the trucks get there the action doesn’t stop unless the concrete says so. “Liquid stone” calls the shots for what happens and when it happens. Depending on the […]

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Prepping for back fill

The last week has been occupied with preparations to back fill the foundation. It’s been a long time since we first scraped back the earth to begin the excavation, but the length of time is not without good reason. The footings were complex, we installed a gravity drainage system to deal with the ground water […]

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