This Sat. is OSEA’s Green Energy Doors Open

GEOD_logo-OSEA-icon-web-header-20141The countdown begins – THREE MORE DAYS!   Come and visit us, share a coffee, and ask questions – Chris loves to talk!
We are in good company with two other green projects nearby so we encourage you to drop in and visit them as well!  Visit Green Energy Doors Open for a full list of all participants.

1.  Burritt’s Rapids Community Hydro Project – A micro-hydro generation from the water flow within the village, starting at the Dam.
The Burritt’s Rapids Renewable Energy Association will provide information on the community hydro project and host a walk to the dam site, weather permitting. The information will include data and drawings from the engineering feasibility studies, feedback from other investigations, and information on setting up a community hydro project.

2.  Solacity’s Straw Bale Office/Warehouse in Kemptville
Below is a list of the building’s features:
• Straw-bale walls
• Passive solar for heating the office section
• Day-lighting for the office through the use of light-shelves
• Very efficient lighting through the use of T5 and LED light fixtures
• High insulation values and very air-tight construction to keep heating demand low
• Geothermal and in-floor hydronic heating (still working on this one)
• All-electrical building, not just net-zero, but net-positive in energy use
• 100kW of solar PV on the roof (to-be-constructed in 2015)
• A highly reflective roof to keep solar heat gain in summer down
• Triple-pane windows with high insulation value
• Very high efficiency ERV to provide fresh air inside
• No need for air-conditioning
• Natural landscaping with wild-flower meadows around the building

3.  Last but not least – CHRIS AND CLARE’S ZERO CARBON BUILD
Below is a list of the home’s features:
• Passive design, starting first with very high levels of insulation and air-tightness, and then incorporating passive solar principles. The Passive House approach provides an excellent framework to achieve this.
• Drain water heat recovery.
• Soft-start ECM (electronically commutated motor) well pump.
• Efficient refrigerator and freezer and Induction stove.
• High-efficiency ERV (enthalpy recovery ventilator) or HRV (heat recovery ventilator) with ECM fan motors.
• LED lighting.
• Power regulated ECM circulators for hydronics.
• Amply-sized hydronic piping to reduce pumping power consumption.
• Rainwater storage and distribution for gardening and toilet

We look forward to seeing you anytime between 8 AM and 4 PM!

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