Merry Christmas, Everyone!

xmasWe’ve put our tools down as the end of the year approaches and the special holiday season is upon us.  We now have all the roof structures built and steel on all but the North side of the main house About half the windows are installed and the remainder will be done soon after we pick up our tools again. Beyond the installing the remaining windows, the next big tasks include the OSB ceilings (air and vapour barriers), closing the Eastern gable, sealing and pressure test the envelope, then build Larsen Trusses with their dense-pack cellulose fill.  It would have been nice to get all that done before the cold weather, but we’re Canadians and will find ways of working through the cold…in theory.  The warm thought that will sustain us throughout will be working inside the house with the R55 walls (from the Larsen Trusses, R-70 with the interior insulation that comes later) and passive solar characteristics.

We want to offer our very best wishes to all our family, friends and blog followers for the happiest of Christmases. We’d also like to extend a hearty “Thank You” to those who are helping to make our project a reality.  There are so many and we are truly grateful for each of you and your support; be it for your well-wishes, your garlic, peppers, cookies and hot chocolate, or if you’ve had hammer or shovel in hand (so glad we’re out of the sticky, mucky clay stage).  Your support motivates us.  Thanks for being there and pulling with us.


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