Dense-Packing the Larsen Trusses

12.17 post1Yesterday we completed the Larsen Trusses over the laundry room.  12.17 post2The photo on the right shows Bryan blowing a loose-fill of cellulose over the top plate level of the upper floor.  All the lower sections of the Larsen Trusses have been dense-packed and closed up with fibreboard. Above the top plate level we switched to oriented strand board (OSB) to sheath the outer layer because at this level it is open to the air above (just like the attic) and can lose vapour in that direction.  We sheathed up to the peak.  We don’t yet have the gable vent grill, so we’ll have to install it later.

We then installed the first roof truss for the laundry room directly to the Larsen Trusses.  The Tyvek and strapping will go on after the roof is covered in steel so that the Tyvek can lap over the steel wall/roof flashing.12.17 post3

The next step will be sheathing the garage wall above the laundry room, and installing the laundry roof trusses.  If we get that far, we’ll also sheath the roof.  I would even like to get to the point of putting underlay, strapping and steel on the roof this week.  Sean Thibert can join us on Thursday, so we’ll focus on windows and doors on that day because that requires a lot of heavy lifting.


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