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Basement Floors are In!

Last week, we poured the basement and root cellar floors.  Thanks to our team: James, Karl, Fred and Nick! As always, concrete days are fast paced: once the trucks get there the action doesn’t stop unless the concrete says so. “Liquid stone” calls the shots for what happens and when it happens. Depending on the […]

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Prepping for back fill

The last week has been occupied with preparations to back fill the foundation. It’s been a long time since we first scraped back the earth to begin the excavation, but the length of time is not without good reason. The footings were complex, we installed a gravity drainage system to deal with the ground water […]

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We are out of the muck!

On Thursday the second load of crushed stone was slung into the foundation. This gets us closer to being ready to start laying out the concrete forms, but from a morale point of view, it also keeps our feet dryer and lighter. Two important energy-saving features have now been built into the home: • Natural […]

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