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“Building Morale”

We moved three steps forward last week: the laundry room (the room between the house and garage) got insulated and sealed off from the house, the Eastern gable end got sheathed, as did the ceiling of the main house.  Taken together, it gives the project a real sense of progress and a nice way to […]

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The Windows Are In

It may be -23°C outside today, and I may be inside writing a blog entry to get away from the cold, but we’ve had a relatively good run of luck with the weather this fall and winter – so far.  Of course it has meant working weekends and taking days off when Mother Nature deals […]

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Starting the Larsen Trusses, or “Building the Parka”

Recently we’ve started making our Larsen Truss (LT) assembly.  These are the vertical structures that suspend the surface of the exterior wall further out from the structural wall in order to accommodate a thicker layer of insulation.  In our case we’re using 16” I-joists that are lag-bolted into the 2”x6” studs.  Recall that our OSB […]

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The Trusses are Up!

The trusses are up!  They went up yesterday by crane.  Just a couple special “Passive House” considerations here: • the large overhangs both on the ends of the trusses and the ladders (overhangs on the gable ends of the trusses).  The overhangs are close to 4’ deep and are there to cover the Larsen Trusses […]

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Racing with Winter

The silence may have been been deafening.  Sorry to keep you in the dark about our progress.  The build hasn’t stopped; we’ve just been putting everything we have into it in a race with winter.  Our immediate goal is to get the roof on, the walls sealed, windows in, air tightness tested and the exterior […]

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